Monarch Airlines did not hold an ATOL and therefore the majority of bookings are not ATOL protected. Although the UK Government asked the CAA to arrange return flights to the UK for all Monarch Airlines customers overseas at the time of Monarch’s administration (0400 on Monday 2 October) and were booked to return on or before 15 October 2017, customers will not be entitled to make a claim to the CAA for out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of a delay, unless they had an ATOL protected booking with Monarch Holidays or First Aviation.

Examples of non-ATOL Protected bookings include:

  • Bookings with Monarch that started from outside the UK;
  • Flight-onlys booked with Monarch from 15 December 2016;
  • Hotel only bookings with Monarch;

If your booking is not ATOL protected, you should speak to your card issuer, insurer or PayPal (depending on how you paid for your holiday) for advice on how to claim a refund of any out of pocket expenses such as accommodation or food. You are not entitled to make a claim for out of pocket expenses and additional nights of hotel accommodation to the CAA.

You may be asked to provide a letter from us confirming that you are not entitled to a refund from the ATOL scheme before your provider will look at your claim. You can download this letter which will provide them with all the information they need. If you are unsuccessful in this, you should contact Monarch’s administrator KPMG for further advice.